“Je me concentre dans le domaine du tourisme du vin”

Eglantine and Fancy Door

It may be evident from previous posts that our tasting room is currently graced with the presence of a miraculous French intern.

Eglantine: A sweet aromatic rose variety native to Europe and West Asia.  Also known as Sweet Briar

Eglantine hails from Bordeaux (yep, the town of Bordeaux, more accurately, from smack in the middle of the town of Bordeaux).  She has approximately two years of University (studying Tourism) remaining at Lycee de Gascogne.  Her intention is to hone her concentration in on Wine Tourism during those final years before transplanting to the United States more permanently as a wine specialist and guide.

The post today is devoted to Eglantine’s favorite Halter Ranch wines and the French style dishes she would pair them with.  We have taken the liberty of scouring the web for recipes, linking them where appropriate. 

In the Line Up

2011 Sauvignon Blanc with…

Moules Marinières-French Sailor’s Mussels.  The acidity of Sauvignon Blanc is generally considered a natural pairing for seafood. In this case the tropical fruit of our HRV Sauvignon Blanc will contrast brilliantly with the salty sea flavor of mussels infused with the aromatics of garlic, onion, and fresh herbs.

2011 Rose with…

Potato Blintzes-Less a traditional French recipe and more a modern variation, these potato and onion blintzes will complement our 2011 Rose excellently.  The yogurt dollop should offer a pleasant zesty exuberance to round out the dish and contrast pleasantly with the slight sweetness in the wine.

2009 Cotes de Paso with…

Gratin Dauphinoise-Medium body and spicy character in our Cotes de Paso lend it great versatility for pairing.  But there are some matches that seem particularly idyllic.  This is one such, the acid in Cotes Rouge will help lift what might be a heavy dish on its own and the subtle spice of the wine should interact wonderfully with black pepper and thyme.

2008 Cabernet Sauvignon with…

Beef Bourguignon-A classic pairing with a classic recipe.  Our Cabernet Sauvignon tends to have more in common with it’s left bank Bordeaux cousin than with typical California Cab (think Napa Valley)–a lighter spicier style as opposed to a heavier fruity style. It follows that a hearty stew like the one linked above will highlight the subtleties and encourage the natural exuberance of the wine.

2008 Ancestor with…

Moutarde arrosé d’agneau-Ancestor virtually begs to be paired with rich, hearty meat and this lamb dish is unlikely to disappoint.  The complexity of the wine will compliment excellently the savory spice of the lamb/mustard combination.

Merci Beaucoup for reading! If you seek additional cuisine oriented postings, keep an eye here over the next two weeks.  Eglantine’s parents (who, we are told, are excellent chefs) will be visiting (and cooking) a meal in the Victorian and we have secured (using subtle negotiating tactics…ie…begging) permission to cover the event here on the HRV blog.

In regard to the garden photo challenge mentioned in our last post, we have adjusted the facebook page to allow the posting of your photos (apologies to anyone who tried prior to Saturday and was denied).

Til next time, au revoir!

From a Distance

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