Staff Tasting Notes: An Update on the Current Line Up

Looking Spiffy

Time for a tasting update on our current releases.  For those of you who are familiar with our wines, the intent here is to update you on their progress.  For those who have yet to visit, we intend to tempt you out in our direction. 

2011 Sauvignon Blanc

This small release (due to 2011’s April Frost) is simply bursting with eagerness to impress. Bright acidity and friendly tropical fruits make it a great wine to pair with lighter fare.  Though it was quite tasty upon release, the last month or so has seen an inspired integration of flavors.

2011 Cotes de Paso Blanc

The flagship white never ceases to amaze.  This blend of five Rhone Varieties is a great choice no matter your preference between red or white (red drinkers just close your eyes).  It has great minerality at full chill with fruit flavors that become more pronounced as it warms up.

2011 Rose

The smoothest Halter Ranch rose yet to grace our tasting room is also beginning to show its stuff.  Bright red fruit and a round elegant finish make this the perfect wine for a hot summer afternoon.  Don’t be too hasty however, Rose is the ideal pairing for holiday fare as well.

2009 Cotes de Paso

Red counterpart to the white superstar above, our 2009 Rhone Red Blend shows great structure and acidity while remaining bright, fruit forward, and spicy right out of the bottle.  If you are seeking a wine from the red side to bridge the gap between tastes at your dinner party (or in a restaurant) look no further than this delightful amalgamation.

2008 Cabernet Sauvignon

This beauty shows the lush, fruit forward appeal of a red from a warm weather vintage while retaining the structure to rest in your cellar if you so desire.  Always a star at the tasting bar we find unplumbed depths each time we open a new bottle.

Kind of a Big Deal

Not to miss from Off the Main List

2009 Syrah

2009 was an absolutely stellar vintage for Syrah from the ranch.  This wine is a staff favorite and a perfect compliment to smokey, rich, meat dishes; think Lamb, Venison, Duck or a spicy stew.  It has the structure for aging while still offering delightfully exuberant fruit right up front.

2008 Ancestor

True to the overall trend with our reds in 2008, Ancestor is lush and full, just brimming with dark berry fruit and brooding earthy character that will continue to mature for years to come.  All we can say is: don’t miss out on this vintage.

2009 Vin de Paille

Slightly lighter and more floral than its 2008 counterpart this nectar of the gods is made in a Southern Rhone tradition.  By harvesting Marsanne and Grenache at the same time as their dry-wine destined counterparts, we allow this special ‘straw wine’ to dry on mats made from its namesake before crushing.  The result is an amber hued beauty just bursting with complexity and friendly appeal.

2009 Zinfandel

Our first varietal Zinfandel exhibits the characteristic smokey fruit on the nose and spice on the palate that creates so much buzz about the variety statewide.  Limited production here so if you’re seeking a taste, the time is now.

All in Triangles

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