Happy 4 July!

Block 35 Viognier

First of all, happy Independence Day 2012!  Our tasting room will be open for business (11am to 5 pm 805-226-9455) and offering a delicious flight of wines for the perusal of anyone desiring vino to pair with fireworks, fireworks shows, barbecues etc.

The photo above was taken in Block 35 Viognier where Molly has been thinning out clusters that are lagging behind (the smaller one to the right) due to last year’s frost (yep, aftershocks from such an event still show up more than a year later!).  The motivation here is similar to the impetus behind cluster thinning in general:  we seek to keep the best clusters of grapes (those ideally placed for sun and nutrients from the vine that exhibit uniformly ripened berries) and to remove those that are less ideal so that the energy that would have been applied in ripening the lesser, is applied to improving the greater. Clusters we clip off are left at the base of the vines to decompose and provide their energy and nutrients for future harvests. 

Molly says: “Enjoy those ‘works!”

A happy Wednesday holiday to everyone out there, let us know in the comments what you are pairing your Halter Ranch with tonight!

These new plantings in the morning light look a bit like rockets (or maybe…fireworks?) ready for blast-off…in this case very slow moving rockets that grow into the ground rather than taking off from it.

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