Silo Barn Update

The Granary Barn

Those of you who follow us are likely familiar with our habit of preserving historic buildings onsite in addition natural beauty of our property overall.


Our current project is the reinforcement and preservation of the Silo Barn.  Though we’ve mentioned this endeavor in previous posts, enough development has taken place that it is time to revisit the subject.

Our additions: steel beams and foundation. The grain rooms were placed in each corner of this main area.

The granary, as the MacGillivray family (who built and designed the barn) referred to it, held barley and safflower in four large rooms spaced evenly around the grain elevator. Bob MacGillivray, who still visits the property occasionally to assist in our understanding and preservation of its history, says that when it was in use the entire barn used to bulge visibly when at capacity.

Grain receiving and elevator

Elevator close up

In addition to the four rooms in the primary barn, three grain towers functioned as additional storage. Each tower is built from large square sheets of metal, curved to form full cylinders.  Every nut and bolt in the towers was placed and tightened by Macgillivray hands.  The scoops in the photo above are attached to a long metal band which functions like an elongated water wheel, picking up grain from the receptacle in the upper photo and carrying it upward to shoots which feed into the grain towers and storage rooms.

Silo access hatch

Silo Tower

Thus far we have poured a concrete foundation and put steel girders in place to stabilize the main building.   Similar to the original Smith barn across the parking lot, the old granary will remain in its preserved state, once the immediate project is complete, with the potential for further development over time.

The time is ripe to make the trip out and experience these slices of history on our beautiful property.  Tours are available by appointment: or 805.226.9455

The Old Smith Barn

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