I want to ride my bicycle…

Katie, Tony, and Bicycles

Wholesale specialist Katie Glenn has taken to heart last month’s NPR mantra: ‘ride your bike to work!’  with one slight modification given our remote location.  Instead of riding her bike to work, she rides it at work, specifically to get to the mail box which now lies nearly 1/2 mile away from our main offices.

Riding near Block 15 Mourvedre

Katie received a viticulturally leaning agri-business degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and made her foray into the wine industry in Sonoma County.  She spent the majority of her time in Sonoma working for Unti Vineyards alongside her husband Levi Glenn who is now the viticulturalist at our Adelaida road neighbor Tablas Creek.  We are irretrievably and unabashedly excited to have Katie as part of the team at Halter Ranch.

Into the distance…

In these photos Katie and Club Manager Tony Quealy ride back to our offices in the new winery after working away in the Garden all morning.

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One Response to I want to ride my bicycle…

  1. suepenn says:

    Halter Ranch is so beautiful–all year round. Riding bikes seems like the perfect way to get around. Enjoy!

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