The Garden Party

Molly with heirloom watermelons

In keeping with our annual tradition winery and tasting room staff arrived just behind Block 15 Mourvedre at 8:30 this morning to plant the Halter Ranch summer garden.

A marigold smiles while Katie attacks the soil

Organization of this year’s garden was undertaken by Oenologist Molly Strupp and the to be planted list included multiple types of heirloom tomato, watermelon, peppers (mild and spicy), pumpkins, cucumbers, and birdhouse gourds.

Lucas planting cucumbers on Molly’s Trellis creation

The consensus now the plants are in the ground is that playing in the dirt with green things was (not so surprisingly) an exciting and fulfilling opening to our Tuesday.

Kevin and Tony digging in the dirt

The garden provides an abundance of organic tomatoes, squash, peppers, and other edibles for the staff to cook, can, share, and otherwise consume through the fall.  Expect updates as the garden grows.

Chard and cabbage remain from our winter garden

We interplanted marigolds among the tomatoes to provide habitat for beneficial insects to keep greedy garden pests from gobbling them up.

Marigolds to draw in beneficial insects and protect our tomatoes

In addition to the marigolds we planted 5 rows of assorted flowers as additional encouragement for beneficial occupants and to provide an appealing splash of color.

Tony plants flowers

A few notable or unusual additions we failed to mention above include:  purple tomatillos, orange warty thing pumpkins, sugar baby watermelons, and rainbow carrots.

Speaking of beneficial insects, this little lady brings us luck!

Though we will be placing driplines  to water the garden going forward, today our fresh green friends received gentle and thorough hand watering.

Molly waters with bucet

Thanks for reading! Our tantalizing Tuesday recipe and pairing post series will return next week.

The completed masterpiece

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