Photographs, Barrel Samples, and Updates

Thank you to all club members who attended the first pick-up party in the new facility. We had an absolutely smashing time showing it off and sharing our new wines with you!

The staff recently had the pleasure (along with members who attended the pick up party) of tasting a few of our 2011 Reds out of barrel.  Specifically a special Syrah lot, a similarly unique Grenache lot, and a blend of the two.  The consensus?  Let us just say that among all the other recent developments, the 2011 wines offer a nearly overwhelming multitude of tastes and experiences to be excited about.

A few updates:

-As you can see from the photos, we are currently retrofitting the silo barn.  The plan is to carefully deconstruct, pour a foundation, discreetly place some reinforcing beams, and put it all back together.  A fun detail about this barn is that it was constucted piece by piece, by the MacGillivray family, using pieces salvaged from other barns and buildings.  The silos were used for barley  while the interior rooms (4 of them) were used for safflower.  We will continue providing photos and the project continues.

-Over the weekend of April 20-22 Halter Ranch will be pouring at and participating in the Earth Day Food and Wine Festival.  Additionally, on Sunday April 22 we will be offering a special vineyard tour with Mitch Wyss including a block designate tasting in the vineyard itself with delicious bites provided by Chef Jeff Scott.

-May 18-20 we will be pouring at the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Cooking for Solutions event.  Check out the details here.

As always thank you for reading and keep an eye here for additional updates, wine adventures, pairing suggestions, and general geekiness.

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