V-Day Pantry Raid

As is our habit on Tuesdays, we combined forces to compose a grilled masterpiece to share for lunch.  Unlike our other efforts, today’s panini uses ingredients entirely from items available for purchase or collection onsite (excluding a dab of mayonnaise, arugula, and the bread we had to settle for– Ciro’s bread would take the sandwich up a notch, we just happened to be sold out today).

The following recipe is intended to pair with our 2010 Rose or 2009 Cotes de Paso, however, we encourage experimental pairings.

Ingredients: 1 healthy sprig of Fresh Rosemary, 1 wedge of Fromager D’afinnois, 1 loaf of Sourdough (or Ciro!) Bread, Robbins Family Tuscan Blend, Robbins Family Blackberry Balsamic, Bussetto Thin Sliced Prosciutto, Arugula, a dab of Mayonnaise (or your favorite flavored aioli!).

Remove rosemary from the stem and chop slightly to enhance aroma.  We’d recommend compiling the sandwich less the arugula, grilling it, and then adding the greens to preserve freshness.  The blackberry vinaigrette is also excellent as a dip for the completed sandwich.

This is one of the more aromatic and flavorful efforts we’ve produced thus far–an excellent solution for those of you out there desperately searching for a quick meal to impress on this momentous pseudo-holiday.  Check back next week for another concoction, we’ll be taking a staff poll and announcing our favorite and runner up among all the grilling recipes we’ve posted soon.  Happy V-Day Everyone!

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