Photos and Fun Facts: Preview of Things to Come

A wine fact for this fine Monday (and some foreshadowing):
Cultivar is a botanical term used to describe a group of plants sharing specific attributes that have been selected or encouraged (through breeding or genetic manipulation) by humans.  The word ‘variety’ in the context of grape vines could be accurately replaced with ‘cultivar.’
To use a real world example, there are over 400 individual cultivars (varieties) grown in Croatia (home to the variety known in California as Zinfandel).  Largely as a result of international demand for familiar varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay (and similar to the situation with heirloom fruits and vegetables) the overall number of individual cultivars grown worldwide is on the decline.  With this in mind, the small population of wine drinkers who are also enthusiasts (or geeks–us included!) will travel far and wide to experience new and different varieties–like Posip, Grk, and Plavac Mali (Croatian wine grapes)–we’ve heard tell of, cultivated only in very specific corners of the globe.
As always, thank you for reading and check back tomorrow for this week’s pairing post!
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