Z Pairing Post

Previous pairing posts have all been sourced from the diabolically decadent minds of the Halter Ranch staff, but today’s post is special.  This is the first pairing post composed immediately following the preparation, compilation, and consumption of the dish in question.

Wine club manager Tony Quealy generously contributed his culinary expertise (and his panini grill) to our Tuesday staff lunch.  Though the dish in question is fairly simple, it is so scrumptious and would pair so well with our freshly released 2009 Halter Ranch Syrah, that we could not resist making it the star of our foody post for this week.

Ingredients for today include:

1 loaf of Ciro Bread (a hearty rustic Italian style bread), 1 bunch of small tomatoes (still on the vine), 1 medium sized wedge of gorgonzola cheese, finally, some bacon.

We’ve found the smoke alarms in the Victorian Farmhouse to be very sensitive so instead of cooking the bacon in a pan, we baked it in the oven.  We heated up the panini grill while the bacon cooked.  After thinly slicing the ciro bread we applied a very modest amount of olive oil and salt to the sides in contact with the grill.  Finally we piled on gorgonzola, baked bacon, and sliced tomatoes and let the grill do its work.

As evidenced by the photos, this simple effort can be absolutely mind-bogglingly tasty (and filling!).  The vegetarian counterpart (subtract the bacon and voila!) is also delicious and pairs well with 2009 Cotes de Paso.

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