2012 Bird and Sustainability Hike: Sightings

During the 2012 Sustainability and Bird Excursion led by Mitch Wyss and Roger Zachary.  The group combined powers to spot 47 distinct species.  Tony and Lindsey managed to compile the partial list below by frantically scribbling at each stopping point while fellow birders rapidly called out sightings (additional contributions from anyone who was also in attendance are welcome!).

Morning Dove–sighted behind the tasting room, Acorn Woodpecker–near the big barn, Starling–a small group flitting over the covered bridge, Red Tail–high above the bridge, over the Ancestor Oak, and near our new Grenache Blanc planting, Steller’s Jay–just before crossing the bridge, Nuthatch–on a post near the old winery, House Finch–on the winery side of the bridge, Western Bluebird–while crossing the parking lot, Yellow-rumped Warbler–over Block 5 Syrah, Say’s Phoebe–while heading out onto the airstrip, Robin–at the beneficial garden, Yellow-billed Magpie–a group occupying Block 30 Cabernet Sauvignon, Fantail–while hiking toward the Ancestor Oak, New World Blackbird–over Block 21 Cabernet Sauvignon, Bald Eagle–Waaaaaaaaay high above the eastern corner of the vineyard flying southwest above us worth noting is the fact that we had not seen a bald eagle on the property for four years preceding this moment, Golden Eagle–2 of them, interacting over the pond and Block 40, Cedar Waxwing–near the pond, Spotted Towhee–at the treeline, behind the pond, Dark-eyed Junco–in the creekbed running through the wildlife corridor, Northern Flicker–on a white oak along the wildlife corridor, Cormorant–on the platform in the middle of the pond, Kingfisher–flying above the pond, Great Egret–on the far bank of the pond toward Adelaida Road, Ruddy Duck–a group on the pond, Bufflehead–among the other ducks on the pond, Coot–a large but diminishing group (see yesterday’s post) on the pond and bank, Common Merganser–at the pond, Mallards–a flock buzzing the pond, Gold Finch–along the treeline, Accipiter–flying high above Block 31

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