Morbid Monday: Who Coot Have Done It?

The title for today’s tragic post comes to us courtesy of club member Cindy Patterson who is impressively punny.

We’ve spotted 4 golden eagles and 5 or 6 red tailed hawks over the past few days. Vineyard manager Mitch Wyss has also noticed an abundance of coot carcasses around the pond.  Using deductive reasoning the Halter Ranch staff have determined that the eagles and red tails are preying on coots and other avian friends lower on the food chain.  The remains in the photo are likely from a dove…or another mostly grey bird (the writer’s feather identification skills leave a bit to be desired).  Apologies for our morbidity, the defeathering (and likely feeding) site was simply too tempting a scene and Cindy’s quip tipped the scale.  Additionally this gruesome aftermath is an excellent example of the vineyard as ecosystem concept we firmly uphold as part of Sustainability in Practice.

Additional apologies to any doves (or other greyish birds) who unwittingly stumbled upon this insensitive post

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