Geek Flight Round 3: Water Part 2

Yesterday we focused on the role water plays out in the vineyard.  Today’s post will emphasize water in the winery, the various aspects of its use, where it comes from, and how it is treated.

The tank pictured above would supply water for the sprinkler systems inside the winery in the event of a fire.  It holds 160,000 gallons fed from a dedicated well.  Two smaller tanks nearby supply water for day to day use in the winery.  Before this water is piped down the hill to the winery it goes through two stages of filtration.

The first stage is Reverse Osmosis, raw well water is passed through a membrane that removes particulate matter.  After passing through the RO system the water is stored in the second of the two daily use tanks where it is treated with ozone.  An ozone system is constantly running while keeping track of the amount of ozone present in the water.  When this amount drops below a minimum, the ozone system adds more until the maximum desired amount is reached before stopping the input.

The result of all these processes is that our winery has the cleanest tap water in the area, from the lowliest hose spigot, to the water used in our lab.  This is significant as water is used throughout the winemaking process to clean, cool tanks, wash and steam barrels, and of course, for drinking.  Our winemaking staff likes to joke about the fact that we office counterparts will wander around confused without a focal point around which to gossip once the new offices are completed and water coolers become redundant.

The cycle doesn’t end in the new facility.  As we stated yesterday, all water used in the new winery is sent through our greywater system down to the filtration ponds and then pumped back up to the main pond for irrigation.  One more avenue among the myriad to be excited about as Halter Ranch embarks on 2012 and beyond!

As always thank you for reading and keep an eye here for additional articles, photos, and updates!

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