Holiday Pairings from Halter Ranch

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In the spirit of the season our staff have pooled intellectual and culinary resources to present a list of choice holiday pairings for Halter Ranch Wines.  The majority of ingredients in our suggestions can be sourced locally so we’ve taken the liberty of including links to appropriate websites and info pages. We do hope you enjoy (and try out!) a few of the following:

In the spirit of holiday decadence 2009 Cotes de Paso Rouge with Duck a la Canned Peaches

We know, we know, canned (!?!) peaches…bear with this recipe, it is absolutely delectible. 

You will need 2 duck breasts (complete with a healthy layer of fat), Sea Salt, Butter, and a can (or two) of peaches.

Rub some sea salt into the fatty side of the duck breasts and then cook them fat side down in a frying pan until they just begin to brown (about 3 minutes) then flip them onto the non-fatty side and cook some more (again approximately three minutes).  Leave the remnants from the duck in the pan and add some butter (1/8-1/4 stick) once the butter is melted add some peaches face down, cook until just barely brown (about 1 minute) and then flip and cook until just brown on this side (less than a minute).  Now slice the duck breasts thinly and place on a platter with the peaches.  Pour yourself a glass of Cotes de Paso and begin swimming in culinary ecstasy (note: make sure you have a few bites that include both peach and duck!  For a treat drink some of the wine while the food is in your mouth)

This recipe was provided by our own Solene Fabre (who lifted it delicately from her mother in law’s recipe collection).  Solene will be serving it for her daughter Clementine and her husband Guillaume over the holiday weekend.

2010 Halter Ranch Rose with a Robbin’s Family Farm enhanced Caprese Salad

You will need mozzarella di bufala (available from Zina the cheese lady at Le Vigne Winery), basil, tomato, Robbin’s Family Blackberry Balsamic.

On a platter tear or slice the mozzarella and serve on a layer of tomatoes. Spread basil leaves over the top before lightly drizzling the blackberry balsamic over all.  Add a little ground pepper at your discretion.  Pour a glass of Rose and drink in volumes of flavor and aroma.

This recipe was provided by Sarah Forstner of tasting room and external blogosphere (Notes from the Tasting Room) fame.


Rose and Blackberry Balsamic

2006 El Pecado with Cambozola (available here in the tasting room!) cheese and Almondina Cookies

Serve the cheese at room temperature for most diverse flavors.  We’d recommend the port slightly chilled to start, it will open increasingly as it warms.  This pairing, though the simplest of the three, is extremely rewarding.

Enology student, chef, and food writer extraordinaire (@fudryter on twitter) Sarah Doyle graced us with this pairing.

We came up with too many recipes to include them all this week so be sure to check back next Tuesday for the rest! 

A sneak peek:

Wine Club Manager Tony Quealy presents Braised Beef Shortribs paired with 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon.

Dessert Wine pairings from Solene, Seth, and Lindsey.

A takeout/pickup food option for all those who’d prefer not to cook this season.

A discussion onf the versatility of Cambozola with the Sarahs.

Sarah offers a preview of next week

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