Comparing Progress in our Fresh Plantings of Grenache Blanc and Malbec

While both blocks are the same approximate age, the Grenache Blanc was grafted onto existing rootstock (see yesterday’s post for a definition).  In contrast, the Malbec is a completely fresh planting. The comparison illustrates the difference in growth an established root-base can make.  Additionally, the Malbec is to be dry farmed and trained in the low-growing bushy (head-trained) style, while the Grenache Blanc will be trained upward into the trellised VSP (vertical shoot positioning) style.  It will be three growing seasons before the new plantings produce fruit viable for winemaking and it will be exciting to see them as they progress!

Block 40A Malbec 08.28.11

Block 32C Grenache Blanc 08.28.11

An unrelated side-note:  
In the vineyard as we were taking the above photos we sighted the following:
1 Golden Eagle (Soaring over Block 22 Syrah)
2 Red Tailed Hawks (1 above Block 23 Petit Verdot and 1 above Block 42 Malbec)
1 Mountain Bluebird (Male, flitting between the rows in Block 22 Syrah)
2 Western Bluebirds (Male, in Block 42 Malbec)
2 Young Jack Rabbits (in the wildlife corridor between Block 28A Mourvedre and Block 35 Viognier)
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