New Planting Sites: Over the Past 3 Months

We’ve made reference to plans for addition plantings, primarily of red Rhone varieties (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre) over the next year or so.  These photos compare the primary planting site as it appears now, to how it appeared 2.5 months ago.

The primary distinction is that we’ve removed fencing dividing the two sides of the property, replaced perimeter fencing to “deer-proof(ish)”  height while preserving the natural wildlife corridors, and disced the entire area to be planted.Our next step will be to bring out a large tractor with a big tooth-shaped hook on the back to dig in the actual rows where the vines will be planted.  The pink-ribboned stake three photos above this one designates the end of the first row to be planted.  The tractor will drive up the hill using GPS to connect the two stakes with a trench in a straight line.  These trenches will sit until early Spring of 2012 when we make our way back out to actually plant the vines.  Keep an eye on our blog and facebook for photos as the process continues!


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