Veraison: The Impressive Effect of a Few Days’ Heat

The top photograph was taken on August 13 and the bottom photograph was taken on August 17, both are from Block 16 Petite Sirah.  During the 4 days between these photos high temperatures lingered around 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius). Though Petite Sirah tends to be on the earlier end of the ripening curve it is no less astonishing to see the rate at which the vineyard progresses under ideal conditions.

We recently took a walk through the rows with winemaker Kevin Sass to discuss yield in our vineyard this year given the effects of late April frosts.  His assessment:  “despite the frost, we’ve seen decent set [the portion of flowers that end up developing into grapes as the result of pollination], and though we’re behind by a few weeks, we should see a harvest in line with the Halter Ranch average over the past 10 years.”

Keep an eye on this page for introductions to our new staff and a continued photo-tour of the new winery!



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