Halter Ranch – Exploring the Winery

Along the hallway above, behind the giant hanging doors, are four temperature controlled rooms.  Two of the rooms will be devoted to simple barrel storage, one will function as a chamber for malolactic fermentation–also called secondary fermentation, this is the conversion of malic acid to lactic acid, performed by lactic acid bacteria or lactics, it results in the creamy texture of most red wine, and some (but not all) white wines–which often requires very precise temperature adjustment, and the final room will house our shipping area and pallets of all current release wine.

This photograph is taken from the same position as the one above, just turned around. Here we are looking into the main barrel working room where topping off and blending will take place.

Expect more photos of this half of the facility over the next few days.  If you enjoyed this post, and want to see more of the new winery, check out our album on facebook:  photos of the new winery in no particular order



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