2011 Paso Robles Rhones on the Range

Halter Ranch is proud to be a member of the Paso Robles Rhone Rangers Chapter.  Each year, various Rhone oriented events are hosted by this excellent group!

An invite and informational flyer for one such event to be held at Pomar Junction is linked below in .pdf form.  Check it out!


And here’s a pretty picture:

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One Response to 2011 Paso Robles Rhones on the Range

  1. Leslie Wyss says:

    Beautiful shot of the Red Tail Hawk! This is just one of many raptors we see at Halter Ranch. This past year, we’ve been watching a pair of Golden Eagles soaring over the vineyard, frequently being harassed by smaller birds! Winegrower, Mitch Wyss thinks they are nesting in one of the large oaks on the ranch. The eagles especially like to roost in the dead oak which sits right next to the Ancestor Tree. Be sure to look for them the next time you visit.

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