Shoots and Laterals!

Block 42 is currently undergoing the very focused and time consuming process of lateral and wing removal. Laterals are shoots that grow outward at axil (base of a leaf) points along the vine.  Fundamental to the pruning process is arranging leaves and positioning the fruiting zone so that soft morning sunlight hits the grapes.  Laterals tend to grow leaves that both upset this careful balance and cause undesirable nutrient dispersal.  To prevent this, we march up and down our rows, removing lateral growth to insure the grapes’ happy procession toward veraison.

In the same fell swoop, we seek out and remove the secondary clusters–or ‘wings’–from each bunch to insure that nutrients are focused in those clusters with the best set.

These small removals encourage even ripening throughout each cluster, ultimately contributing delectable consistency to the overall batch, and finally, to the wine itself!

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