The Big Move

First, thank you to everyone who has been following us here on the preliminary version of the HRV blog.  It has been a pleasure to write and format.

Going forward all blog entries will be hosted on our fresh and shiny new website under the blog tab:

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions you may post them in the comments section of the new blog or email us:

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Halter Ranch Rocks the 2012 Winemaker’s Cookoff

The Sassage

Kevin and Tony’s delectable creation wowed the crowd Saturday at the Winemaker’s Cookoff.  The Halter Ranch staff has pooled smartphone resources to provide the following photo journal.  Thank you to all who took (and were willing to contribute) photos!   Continue reading

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I of the Storm – An Argument for Interest in Wine

At a pouring for special guests in our new Winery

Up to this point I have presented all Halter Ranch blog posts from a pleasant distance as the universal ‘we’.  Today rampant opinion has led this particular blogger to forge ahead into unknown territory, presenting his own thoughts on a particular aspect of the wine industry from the excitingly dangerous perspective of ‘I’.

So, I, Lindsey Burrell, today’s composer of the Halter Ranch blog,  have conflict with a certain observed pattern in the presentation, tasting, and understanding of wine.  I will refer to this pattern under the general heading of ‘rampant opinion’ and more particularly as an attitude of yes or no, white or black, up or down, extreme or extreme, in the context of drinking, enjoying, and analyzing wine.   Continue reading

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A few sips of Rosé with HJW and EJ

Five Rosés for comparison

This past week we were given the opportunity to taste through a flight of Rosé alongside our Winemaker Kevin Sass, Hansjörg Wyss, and Ed Jaramillo.  It was a great experience both to taste the wines, and to discuss our reactions to them.

The flight was selected based upon price point (over $15 and under $30) and rating (every wine in the tasting–other than ours which has only recently been submitted–received at least a 90 point rating from a well known wine periodical). Continue reading

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Delving into the Halter Ranch Cellar

In the Cellar

A French axiom comes to mind when speaking of wine cellars, lifted from somewhere in the (incredible!) depths of Kermit Lynch’s Adventures on the Wine Route.  It goes something like:

“The cellar is moist enough when the labels begin to rot off of the wine bottles.”

Moisture is desirable in a cellar because it helps keep the cork from drying out and crumbling.  For the same reason it is generally recommended that wines under cork be stored on their sides or upside down.  A cellar as moist as the quote suggests necessitates further an intimate knowledge of the storage space and wines in question given that it is particularly difficult to determine vintage and producer on a label-less bottle.  Complications in precise cellaring techniques aside, questions about aging wine are commonplace in the Halter Ranch Tasting Room.

Continue reading

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Accolades for the Flagship: Ancestor in the Spotlight

2003 was our first vintage of Ancestor.  The blend consisted of 60% Syrah and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon.  Since then the composition of Ancestor has altered slightly each year, providing a consistent expression of the best grapes our vineyard has to offer as they work in concert to delight.

We are currently selling the 2008 Ancestor in the tasting room and true to form it is showing the great complexity and ability to age we have come to expect from our flagship blend.  The word has finally gotten out, Ancestor has received more recognition in the past six months than any vintage of the past including:  Best in Class at the Monterey Wine Competition, Gold Medals in Los Angeles, San Diego, the Central Coast Wine Competition, and Gold in the Sunset Magazine Wine Competition.   Continue reading

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Côtes de Paso Blanc and Rosé are Buzzing – Get them while you can!

Two pressing thoughts have come to the minds (or the mind) of the Halter Ranch collective over the past month.

Thought Number 1:  Beyond being stellar overall, our summer line up (ie Rosé and Côtes Blanc) has been performing excellently in both print media and competitions (see below for specifics).

Thought Number 2: Remaining quantities of Côtes de Paso Blanc and Rosé are rapidly depleting.

Conclusion: The time is ripe to secure these wines for your summer table, porch, barbecue, or cellar.  Continue reading

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