Halter Ranch Rocks the 2012 Winemaker’s Cookoff

The Sassage

Kevin and Tony’s delectable creation wowed the crowd Saturday at the Winemaker’s Cookoff.  The Halter Ranch staff has pooled smartphone resources to provide the following photo journal.  Thank you to all who took (and were willing to contribute) photos!  

Linen shirt and Sunglasses oh yeah!

Affectionately dubbed ‘the Sass-age,’ our bite sized dish was quite a hit among Judges and the public alike.  Spicy Sausage and chives place on a crostini and held together with a secret formula of goat cheese, roasted red pepper, and spice.

T grilling away (note how neat his grill organization is) Katie Kamphantha of Derby Wine Estates makes a guest appearance in the background

The Halter Ranch crew had an excellent time cooking, compiling, dancing, sampling, and sipping among fellow Paso Robles wineries.

Calcareous’ Impressive Makeshift Grill

As part of this yearly event, wineries are encouraged to ‘bribe’ patrons into voting for their dish by pouring something special in return for tickets (which equate to 1 vote apiece). Our choice for the bribe bottle created quite a stir:

Katie and Oscar Posing with Ancestor

At the end of the evening we were rewarded with an unexpected (but well deserved!) 2nd place finish in the Judges category.

Looking down the right side row of tents.

Our prize (beyond the obvious prestige) was this 3 Liter etched bottle of mystery red wine. It now graces the corner of our Tasting Room bar.

Unidentified Red in an Etched Bottle Proclaiming ‘You are Winners!’

Tony dances in the spotlight

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2 Responses to Halter Ranch Rocks the 2012 Winemaker’s Cookoff

  1. skylar says:

    You Halter Ranch people rock! That Ancestor was the hit of the day.

  2. Ginger Quealy says:

    How fun does look?? Good job everyone!

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